All our products are 100% organic *
and come from the best maple sugar
forests, which explains their exceptional taste.

* Except for the caramel which is
made from our original recipe… 


To contact us:
(506) 735-5062

1164, chemin du Pouvoir Rd.
NB Canada  E7B 2M5
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Since the beginning of time, man has been seeking the fountain of youth. Could this be it? Just a drop of our Coulis Divin™ brings back the sweet memories of childhood, making it a most deliciously comforting elixir.

The owners of the “Érablière de la Montagne Verte” have had a long-standing love affair with maple sap. At 12 years of age, Patrick Levesque collects the sap with his grand-parents. He quickly acquires the skills to become a master sugar maker. At 16, he operates his own little cottage-type sugar bush, in the evenings and on weekends. Passionate about this divine golden nectar, his path in life is clearly marked out…

In 1994, Patrick and his family officially tap into their first maple tree. The “Érablière de la Montagne Verte” is launched. Today, with over 45 000 taps, the business produces fine maple products. With respect to tradition, the products are prepared with the purest maple sap which contains many naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Our maple confections are 100% organic and natural, and taste divine! 

The “Érablière de la Montagne Verte” has a AAA classification by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). In its quest for perfection, the business has developed a new method to collect the sap water naturally, while optimizing the yield of every single tree. 

Only the maple sap of our rich Atlantic Canada forests is used by the “Érablière de la Montagne Verte” to create its products. The climate and the soil of this part of Canada add a distinctive and unique aroma to the maple delicacies. Clear and golden, with a velvety rich texture and a smooth taste, the Coulis Divin™ products exhilarate the senses!